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Creating after researches

we can look the world

and build a new one

in harmony with nature

Looking one domain for a friend I found available… hey, this is awesome!

I registered, so we are here!

Looking for something like pachamen


the first reference

Pacha Papa Goes To School

Philip Rubinov Jacobson on social networks: Facebook

Philip Rubinov Jacobson is an artist, author and educator from Rochester, New York, and holds an Masters of Fine Art degree in  Painting & Printmaking, an MA in Painting and Sculpture and a Bachelors degree in  Studio Arts and Cultural Anthropology.

At 19 yrs. old he left the  USA to study painting under his mentor, Ernst Fuchs (1930 – 2015), co-founder of the School of Fantastic Realism in Vienna, Austria. In 1997 Prof. Fuchs requested that Phil formally carry on his teachings in the Mischetechnik (German: Mixed-Technique) of painting in egg tempera and oil. His renowned Old Masters – New Visions international painting seminars have been a main-stay ever since. In 2012, his wife, Mantra Cora, joined him in organizing and teaching in the seminars. 

Rubinov’s travels have been extensive, including India, where in 1978 he studied meditation, Eastern philosophy and wandered naked with a group of sadhus. In 1995, the professor founded and directed the New School of Extended Studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where he served as the Dean from 1991-1997.

Rubinov is the author of the now classic and recently joined the faculty at Barton Community College in the USA.

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